It’s okay to not know who you are—we’re changing every day

by thefanggirl

It’s okay to not know who you want to be. Every day, a little part of you is changing. You may not know it, but it’s happening. 

That brief conversation with a friend seeds an idea into your idea. The distance between you and a friend lengthens over time with silence. Your short internal reflection on the bus leads you to the realization you’re unhappy, and it’s rooted more internally than you knew. An interesting dating profile piques your interest and shifts your mind about the profile of men you want to date.

These micro-changes are occurring every day, from the deepened crinkle in your eye when you smile to the muscle strengthening when you pour hours into writing. You’re changing every day. 

How can you expect to be the person the decade you ago wanted to be? The thing you should do is be open to change, but careful about what changes you.

Do not let the world’s shortcomings harden you. 

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