by thefanggirl

The Fang Girl is a travel & lifestyle site by Emily, the voice behind the blog.

She jots down her personal thoughts as she ventures around in Singapore, San Francisco, and Taipei. Known for her directness, she strives to stay authentic and helpful when putting out content into the digital world.

The blog covers entrepreneurship, travel and working overseas, dating, and navigating life in her late 20s. Between working in tech and on her projects, you can find her at brunch munching on bacon, petting dogs, or playing tennis.

Ongoing projects

The Fang Girl YouTube channel

A youtube channel I started during covid-19 while I was living and working overseas in Singapore. I document my personal journey and thoughts while navigating these new chapters of my life.

Asian Wander Women Media & Community

An online Facebook community of 1,200+ wanderers and my network I’ve built over the past two years. Many of us are remote, creatives, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers who lead unconventional lives.

Landed in Asia Podcast

A podcast that focuses on topics like leaving your home country, while navigating the journeys and complexities as independent women in their 20s. Our goal is to create open conversations around millennial females living abroad and inspiring people to live by their own choices.

Let’s build something together.

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