How being depressed in college led me to a study abroad year in Beijing, changing my life drastically

A year in Beijing changed my demeanor, my career trajectory, and my outlook on life.

by thefanggirl

Ew I hate vulnerability.

But in this solo episode for Asian Wander Women, I talk about my past life in college studying in San Francisco, how I battled depression for the first two years in college, how it was like feeling isolated in an environment I felt like I didn’t belong in, and forcing myself to leave the circumstances I was in.

Listening back to myself speak on this, I feel and empathize with younger Emily in college.

But that experience was good for her. That discomfort led her to change her life dramatically.

I am not who I am without that experience. Everything that has happened, has made me the way I am.

For that, I am grateful.

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