Asian Wander Women You Should Know: Asian Female Travelers, Nomads, Solopreneurs, and Coaches

Asian female travelers who are building businesses while on the road.

by thefanggirl

Emily Fang

She’s Founder of Asian Wander Women Media and community, a tight knit Facebook group of 1800+ remote entrepreneurs, coaches, creators, and more. She is also known The Fang Girl, a content creator on YouTube that talks about travel and remote work, with the belief that working abroad or building a business is similar to a self-guided MBA. Nowadays, she rotates between Taipei, San Francisco, and Singapore.

If you’d like to chat about working and living overseas in Asia, you can schedule a consult with me here:

Jia Ling Wang

Jia Ling Wang is a chef, certified nutritionist, and published author—certified badass. She was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Hawaii. Now she explores nature in beautiful California, and forages for wild edibles, such as mushrooms.She is also interested in falconry, and dreams of having her own hawk one day. She currently is running a Kickstarter to write her book 10 Super Asian Women Who Shaped History to detail the incredible stories of women in history. She also runs ChouamiHerStoryinHistory, and KarenisCooking.

Jennifer Ho 

Jennifer Ho is a life coach for introverts and podcast host for Ask An Introvert. She specializes in helping introverts simplify their life so that they have energy to do whatever they want, including mapping and project managing life while setting boundaries with courage, making decisions that feel good, and speaking up for what matters.

To book a coaching session, reach out to her here.

Mai Nou

Mai Nou is a Chicago-based travel content creator. She enjoys sharing her travels with her audience by providing travel tips, guides, reviews, and inspiration. With 5+ years of experience in marketing she understands what a brand needs and helps promote their campaigns. She’s your ultimate guide to exploring cities and the outdoors. If you’re looking for travel inspirations, insights or ideas, you can follow along on her journey at

Cindy Huang

Cindy has been working in business development and account management in the tech hardware industry for 4 years. While traveling in Nicaragua in February, she realized she wanted to do something more meaningful in business while having the freedom to choose where she works.

She is currently currently based in Taipei and looking for remote work opportunities as a business developer for Singaporeans startups in the software and blockchain industry. If anyone is doing business development in either industry, or you know anyone is looking for someone with her skillset, feel free to connect. She recently came back from Nicaragua, so if anyone’s interested in her travel trip, feel free to reach out and chat!

Christina Cheng

Christina Cheng is the creator of, a no BS guide to the best places to work and travel for digital nomads. Christina started her digital nomad lifestyle before COVID19 hit, working as a graphic designer in many coworking spaces. This website is a collection of coworking spaces that she has personally visited and can recommend.

The goal is to turn this site into a resource for the digital nomad community looking for the next best place to work on their digital nomad journey. Checkout the site and feel free to send her your ideas! Support by getting her a coffee ☕

Sasmini Bandara

Sasmini Bandara is a Digital Nomad and an accomplished Communication Consultant with expertise in the Development Sector. Sasmini’s experiences as a digital nomad have given her a unique perspective on the world.  Follow her on LinkedIn or subscribe to her newsletter where she shares her insights with others to pursue a life of travel and remote work.

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