A letter to little Emily

by thefanggirl

Dear Emily,

It’s February 21st in Taipei. We’re at the kitchen table, typing away on our keyboard while we sip on ginger tea.

For some reason, this year has been significantly different. We left Stripe last year in August, went home to recharge and see family, started content creating full time, and moved to Taiwan for three months to see the parentals and extended family. This year feels different—it feels full of opportunity and exciting. We’ve awakened another part of our spirit that has been hiding out after college. I can’t explain what it is, but it’s like fire. We’ve rekindled some sort of fire in our belly, our exploratory personality, and zest for life. Also, an emphasis on the recent appreciation we’ve reflected on for the people who have been there for the get-go.

Most recently, we signed a partnership with a huge company in San Francisco and we’re planning for Asian Wander Women’s media launch in Singapore.

There’s a lot that has changed in our mental chemicals.

It’s almost like this awakening and awareness that everything which has happened in the last 10 years all had meaning, all built up to this pinnacle of creating you. We’ve harbored a lot of anger towards situations, problems, and people in the past, an almost kind of darkness that we shielded away from others, but it would come up and swallow us. We’d retreat, afraid to show this kind of blackness we seldom felt and we’d squash it down, resulting in tears.

We’re 29. We have carefully chosen our people, kept them close, and pursued our passions. Of course, not without the support of family and friends—we owe them our success. We found a bright kind of happiness we haven’t felt in a long time, and it’s exciting to be back to the real Emily again.


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