So you want to work abroad in Singapore? Advice from someone who worked in SG and globetrotted for 3 years

by thefanggirl

Finding a job in Singapore (or Asia) framework

Understanding your “why” 

  • Singapore is a popular APAC hub for companies
    • Markets are heavily fragmented and localized 
  • What would be your edge or interest in exploring Asia?
    • Some sort of evidence that you’re interested in these markets
      • Language learning or proficient in one 
      • Skillset they lack and need to be implemented overseas 

What are you willing to let go and/or want to be comfortable with?

  • Lower pay or decent pay
  • Language barriers 
  • Career acceleration 
  • Barrier of entries 

Find 5 different community networks that give you an insider’s look into the market you want to work in 

Career Resources for Singapore 

Employment Passes in Singapore

  • Earn minimum salary for EP
    • At least 5,000 SGD and 5,500 SGD / monthly salary for finance sectors 
  • Pass COMPASS, a points assessment framework test 

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