5 Things I Always Bring With Me as a Female Traveler

by thefanggirl

I travel pretty lightweight. It’s always been in my nature to pack light and efficiently, especially since I’ve moved around so much in my early 20s. I may have moved around in San Francisco over 6 times in the span that I was there for 9 years. I would pick up stuff, let it go, and then cycle through things, but in a very fashionable, but frugal way. Now that I travel, there aren’t many things that I need, but I will say that these 5 items are a must-have for me. 

  1. Moleskin journal – I’m an avid writer for the most part. I find that writing is good for the soul and good for my writing practice. For the most part, I write with my keyboard nowadays; I feel that the use of actual handwriting will disappear. That’s why I like practicing writing with my hands and I eventually would love to write a book. All my travel stories and thoughts are in my journals—maybe one day you’ll get to read them.
  2. MDSolar Science Sunscreen (50 SPF) – I had hyperpigmentation when I was in Southeast Asia. This was due to sun exposure and my stupidity for not wearing sunscreen on a regular basis. Because I’m 29, I need to start protecting my skin while I age, so I bring it and apply it liberally. Being in the sun all day is the fastest way to age.
  3. A good pair of shoes is important. I walk a lot around the city when traveling and as I get older, I want to take care of myself, starting with my feet. Style over comfort, but I tend to find that white shoes just look good in anything.
  4. MUJI carry on bag – I was recommend this by a friend that I traveled with; she is also a mom who packs neatly and knows how to travel efficiently. It’s a godsend and I like to carry all my travel size items in here. Plus, it has a hook and you can hang it up.
  5. SafetyWing nomad health insurance – I always have an active travel medical insurance policy, which gives me peace of mind no matter where I am traveling. It covers me in case of medical and travels emergencies in more than 185 countries, and includes coverage for lots of adventures as well. This is for my sake and for the sake of my family, so I come back home for the holidays in one piece.

What do you bring with you when you’re traveling?

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