I went glamping and lived in a yurt Airbnb in Saratoga, California

by thefanggirl

Most recently, my family and I went to Los Gatos for an Airbnb experience at a homestay farm.

The land itself was a couple acres spread across the mountain, with the main home and a couple of newly made Airbnbs; there seemed be three other Airbnb properties around the area, which can be found here. We decided to stay in the yurt Airbnb, a round tent that is commonly found and used in Mongolia. Basically, it’s a waterproof tent that you can put a lot of things in. My sister’s friend got engaged there and the idea of staying there was planted in her head. Due to it being her birthday, we went glamping. 

woman facing view

It was definitely glamping, with ample electronics and food already stored in the yurt. There was a toaster, mini fridge, spice rack, microwave, two heaters, blankets galore, and even a TV. For four people, it’s a bit much, but it’s perfect for two people as a getaway and romantic vacation. There is Wifi too (though albeit spotty), but if you’re going to be in the woods enjoying your time, don’t be on your phone or laptop. Just enjoy being present. 

It was a wonderful stay, but for someone who came from the tropics, I was freezing. If you are staying here overnight, be prepared to turn on the heaters and wear warm clothes when heading out. I was wearing a full body puffer jacket when walking outside. Definitely check the weather and temperature—dress accordingly too. 

This is the Airbnb link if you’re interested in staying here.

inside of the yurt
Photo courtesy of May's Airbnbs.
photo of bathtub facing scenic view
Photo by May's Airbnb.

There’s a nearby tub for you to soak in, with bath bombs and salts for your use. There’s a picnic bench and grill if you decide you want to plop anything on, like a nice juicy burger or bacon. 

The only issue was that while the bathtub was nearby, the bathroom and shower itself was far away—you’d have to walk down the road to get to the garage and use the restroom. It was a minor inconvenience, but when you’re tucked in at bed at 9 pm and it’s freezing outside, you’d probably suck it up uncomfortably and wait until the next morning to use the restroom. 

The place itself had geese, chickens, and ducks roaming the land. Unfortunately, I was attacked by a rooster when I got too close to the house. It sort of felt like being whacked really hard in the leg, or playing paintball. I have a small bruise, but lived to tell the tale. Noted, I won’t go near roosters anymore.

The geese and ducks get along on this farm.

The place was wonderful to roam around and explore. It’s a pretty large property, so you can take the time to explore with a cup of coffee or drive out to hike some nearby trails or go to Saratoga’s historic village downtown for the library and food; from my memory, it’ll take 15-20 minutes to get there. 

Because my nephew is almost two years old and already walking like a champ, we tend to take him out to places where he can roam freely and enjoy. The library was one of them, which was a must see. I ended up renting the book Educated by Tara Westover while my sister read children’s books. 

Photo by Saratoga Library.

All in all, I would give this wonderful Airbnb experience a 5/5. The only things I’d recommend are to go with less people, be prepared for the cold, and bring smores and marshmellows for the trip. I enjoyed the views the most, which reminded me of how lucky we are to witness Californian sunsets and breathe in the fresh air in the bay. 

Would you live in a yurt? Let me know in the comments below! 

photo of yurt at night
Photo by May's Airbnbs.

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